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Earthmover Hire Tips

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Compact earthmovers are renowned for their versatility and reliability. Hiring an earthmover is not a straightforward activity, as many would presume. Below is an extract with some insights on how to hire earthmovers. Your immediate concern would be the features of the earthmover needed at your site.

Bobcats come in varying sizes; hence you must be sure about the required size. What are the terrain conditions at your site? Consider off-road and tracked Bobcats if your site has rocky terrain or uneven soils. Consider whether you need additional features such as a cabin, AC and LED lighting. They come in handy if you intend to work at night or in areas with low visibility, such as mine tunnels. How do you plan to use the earthmover? Most people use earthmovers for site excavation and backfilling.

Unknown to them, the equipment's versatility allows operators to attach other equipment, such as grapples, breakers, and augers. You can hire this equipment together with the earthmover to help ease site operations and to save earthmover rental costs. For example, suppose you have a landscaping project; grapples could help you move huge tree stumps, while an auger could help you drill holes to plant trees or fencing posts. On the other hand, a rake can help you even the surface as your prepare to grow grass. The thumb rule is to ensure the hired earthmover is compatible with all the required attachments. Besides, ensure the earthmover has sufficient torque to operate the attachments. For example, you might need more power to operate a breaker or to tow heavy materials at the site. 

What is the condition of your preferred earthmover? You risk downtime and losses if you do not inspect the Bobcat before it arrives at your site. Start by assessing the equipment for obvious signs of wear. For instance, worn-out tires, leaking fluids, defective hydraulic systems, and damaged braking systems are all red flags when hiring a Bobcat. You must also evaluate the service and inspection records to ensure the equipment is serviced on time. Check the rental contract to ensure the rental company offers repair and maintenance services when the equipment is under the client's care.

What are the rental charges? Most companies have competitive price points. Nevertheless, negotiate the contract to avoid unnecessary additional costs. For instance, you should insist on free transport to your site. Moreover, the rental period should begin when the equipment arrives at your site to when you finish your project. This way, you do not pay for idle time or incur rental charges when the earthmover is in transit.

For more information about earthmoving Bobcat hire, contact a local rental company.