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Backhoe Rental Costs

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Backhoe loaders are versatile earthmovers that can excavate, lift, landscape, or lay pipes. However, many contractors often make mistakes as they hire backhoe loaders. It is especially so if they do not comprehend the backhoe rental process. If this is your case, read this piece for some backhoe rental tips. 

Assess The Boom And Bucket 

The length of the backhoe's boom determines how deep you can dig. You could also be concerned about the boom's length when demolishing a storey building or working in tight spaces. The general rule is to ensure the boom is slightly longer than what you need. This way, you have an easy time using the equipment. You must also determine the bucket's specifications. For instance, you might need a rock bucket when digging on rocky ground. Alternatively, you could opt for a skeleton bucket when conducting landscaping work and a clean-up bucket when clearing a demolition site. You should also examine the bucket size. Remember, a larger bucket allows you to scoop a large volume of materials. 

Check The Backhoe's Horsepower 

What is the backhoe's engine size? The engine size significantly affects the backhoe's load limits. The best approach would be to ask the rental company about the load limits of the equipment. A backhoe's versatility allows you to attach other equipment, such as augers, breakers, hammers, rippers, and brooms. Some of these attachments, such as breakers and augers require the backhoe to have substantial power. Therefore, ask the rental company whether the backhoe's engine can support the attachments. 

Check The Rental Conditions 

Assess the backhoe's rental conditions. For instance, check whether the rental company offers transportation and on-site repair services. Remember, you should not be liable for repairs if you are not liable for the backhoe breakdown. Check the dry and wet hire conditions. The best approach would be to consider an option that suits your needs and budget. For instance, you might realise that you will spend more to hire an operator if you decide to dry-hire the backhoe loader. However, you might still opt for dry hire if you have an operator that can operate several earthmovers at the site. 

Check the backhoe rental costs. Typically, reputable companies have hourly rates for short-term rentals and daily rates for long-term rentals. Negotiate the rental fee creatively. For example, you could ask the company to discount the standard fee when the backhoe is not in use. Alternatively, you could ask the company to offer a full tank of fuel when renting the backhoe for an extended period. 

For more information about backhoe rental, contact a local company.