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Trailer Part Buying Options

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If you own a trailer, you need to purchase parts regularly when conducting routine repairs and maintenance. There are different types of trailer parts to choose from. This piece explains the various trailer part buying options and when to consider them. 

Buying OEM Parts 

OEM parts are made by the company that manufactured your trailer. Their primary benefit is that their design replicates the worn-out parts on your trailer. Therefore, they easily fit into the trailer. Most manufacturers also give a warranty on the OEM part. Moreover, they detail the mileage at which trailer owners should replace the components. This way, you have an easy time maintaining your trailer and keeping it in excellent condition.  

Buying Aftermarket Parts 

Aftermarket parts are components manufactured by other companies besides the trailer manufacturer. These trailer components could resemble the OEM part or differ significantly in build quality. The general principle is to assess the part quality before purchase. Your mechanic, trailer blogs, and other buyers can help you evaluate the quality of aftermarket parts. For instance, check their performance and rate of wear. You could also check their build quality. For example, you might want to replace heavy steel components in your trailer with lighter aluminium parts. Aftermarket parts are also a suitable option when you intend to upgrade your trailer. For example, an axle or frame could be built to withstand heavier loads. Conversely, you might want to replace the standard drum brakes on the trailer with the disc, surge or electric brakes. 

When purchasing aftermarket parts, assess the seller's reputation to ensure the part performs as they claim. Moreover, compare the pricing of the aftermarket parts vis-à-vis their performance. As a rule, you should only consider these components when you intend to upgrade the trailer. Otherwise, you risk damaging other trailer parts or compromising the trailer's safety if you buy aftermarket parts of inferior quality than the recommended OEM components. 

Buying Used parts 

Used trailer parts are a suitable alternative when you cannot find high-quality OEM or aftermarket parts. These parts also come in handy when you are on a tight repair budget. The secret when purchasing these trailer parts is conducting due diligence before purchase. For instance, assess the parts for any damages or defects that could compromise the installation process or the part's performance. In some cases, you can refurbish the part to restore its original design. For example, rust treatment and repainting are sure ways to eliminate rust damage.

For more information on trailer parts, contact a professional near you.