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Mobile Crane Hire Tips

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Property developers and contractors come up with innovative ways to cut construction costs. One of the most common strategies is to hire plant equipment rather than purchase. Mobile cranes are ideal when you need to lift bulky items at the site. If you have not hired a mobile crane in the past, read the article below to understand how mobile cranes work and the considerations to make when renting the equipment. 

What Are Mobile Cranes? 

Mobile cranes have a similar operating mechanism as a conventional tower crane. However, the crane is mounted onto a truck or tractor. Typically, mobile cranes have a boom that extends and rotates when working. This boom retracts and rests on the truck's bed when not in use.

There are different categories of mobile cranes. For instance, carry deck cranes are small in size. They are ideal when working in constricted areas. Their downside is that they can only lift loads weighing several tonnes. Rough terrain cranes have wide tractor-like tires to improve their stability and enable them to work in rough terrains. Crawler cranes are the largest mobile cranes. Their boom extends to hundreds of feet. Besides, the cranes can lift hundreds of tonnes. 

What Should Be Your Concerns When Renting Mobile Cranes? 

Consider the following when renting a mobile crane.

Dry Or Wet Hire

Most people will often confuse these terms. Simply put, a wet hire crane comes with an operator and fuel; a dry hire crane does not. Different companies will have varying wet and dry hire terms. For instance, when you hire a dry hire crane, some companies will offer repair and maintenance services while others do not. Nonetheless, you should negotiate the terms to ensure the rental package suits your needs. 

Condition Of The Crane 

A poorly maintained crane will cause downtime at your site and expose personnel to accidents. Additionally, you may have to pay for repairs that were not caused by your negligence. Therefore, inspect the crane to ascertain that the engine, transmission, hydraulic and braking systems are in excellent condition. You could also use maintenance records to tell the likelihood of the crane breaking down at your site. 

Pricing Strategy 

It would be wise to compare the pricing strategies of a few reputable companies before signing the rental contract. Although most companies have a competitive hourly charge, you should look out for extra costs such as transport, penalties and maintenance. 

When renting a mobile crane, choose an appropriate crane, compare the dry and wet hire terms, assess the crane's condition and the company's pricing strategy. Reach out to a company like Everwilling Cranes for mobile crane hire.