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Mobile Crane Hire: How to Choose Between a Dry Hire and Wet Hire

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When renting a mobile crane for rigging projects, you have to choose between two packages: dry hire and wet hire. Dry hire is when you rent the mobile crane only, while wet hire includes a crane operator. The choice between the two packages can affect project efficiency and overall rigging costs. Therefore, consider the following factors when choosing the best package for your project.

Access to experienced operators

Do you have any experienced mobile crane riggers on your job site? If not, it's advisable to choose a wet hire package for your crane rentals. Only trained operators should undertake rigging jobs. Using inexperienced personnel increases the risk of crane accidents on the site. A wet hire package avails a well-trained operator for your heavy equipment. The rental company becomes liable for any accidents and incidents resulting from the operator's mistakes.

Need for project control

A wet hire doesn't allow contractors a lot of control over the rigging jobs. Since the operator is on the rental company's payroll, you have little control over their operations. However, with a dry hire, you can schedule rigging jobs to your liking. You also get to rent rigging attachments when you need them. Also, a dry hire allows you to exercise control and oversight over the operator, which results in better efficiency and accountability.

Crane rental budget

Dry hires are usually cheaper than wet hires because you only pay for the mobile crane. However, with a wet hire package, you get a package deal. Besides providing an operator, the rental company pays for the crane insurance, equipment repairs, maintenance, and servicing.

If the rigger causes any accidents on the site, you can sue the rental company for compensation. However, if you choose a dry hire, you will need to cover additional costs such as insurance and repairs. Therefore, when assessing the costs of the two packages, have an accurate estimate of the total cost of a dry hire, including the expenses not covered by the rental company.

Scope of the project

What's the scope of work for your crane operators? Do you want someone who only operates the crane, or would you like to engage the operator in other projects? If you choose a wet hire, your operator will strictly perform rigging jobs. If you engage them in additional tasks, you have to pay them. However, with a dry hire, you can redefine the scope of work for your operators. When there are no rigging jobs, your operators can perform other tasks and save you from hiring additional personnel.

Both dry hire and wet hire are great crane rental packages. Choose the package that best suits your needs, budget, and expectations. To learn more, contact local rigging services.