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Are You Planning On Hiring a Mobile Crane?

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Having your crane can be quite expensive regarding purchasing, maintenance and insurance. It is, therefore, economical to hire. If you hire a crane from a company like Davo's Crane Hire, you want it to carry out its work effectively and efficiently without hitches. To achieve this, you will need to consider various crucial factors.

Understanding Your Site and Planning

This is the first and most essential factor to consider as it will help you figure out which type of crane to hire. It highlights your project details, which include materials you will be handling, architectural drawings and trucks required, among others. With this information, you will be able to know the type of crane that will suit your site and locations suitable for placement. Work will thus run smoothly and meet deadlines.

Site Visit

Your chosen mobile crane hire company will need to visit your site. This is important to identify the actual type and size of the mobile crane before installation. The company team will then educate the site personnel on mobile crane positioning and layout.

Afterwards, the mobile crane hire company team will commission the crane. The commissioning process involves testing the crane while making necessary adjustments, for example, setting the overload limits. These adjustments are crucial and should follow the manufacturer's guidelines strictly. Your site personnel or crane operators must be present to learn all these aspects. They must be trained on the correct and safe use of the mobile crane. Once the company team is satisfied, it will give a go-ahead by issuing a commissioning report, which indicates the crane is fit for use.

You may also be issued a log book to note down the crane's work daily. This is important in making sure safety measures are adhered to and so the hire company can keep a record of their crane's use.

Inspection and Maintenance

This is another crucial factor. Depending on how long you will be using the mobile crane, you have to perform various inspections and maintenance activities that will keep the crane running optimally and safely. The hire company will inform your site personnel and operators of critical inspections and maintenance routines.

If you at any time experience a breakdown, call the hire company immediately as they usually have specific trusted companies that correct the issues. Equipment from a reputable company may not face any failures as they are well maintained. However, just in case, don't try to apply any fixes. You might bear heavy costs that will, in turn, stall your construction project.