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ISRI Parts Any Heavy Construction or Mining Business Should Have on Hand

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When you consider repairs on your trucks, specifically with your ISRI seats, you may immediately assume the service department can handle it. Though a certified ISRI service department can handle the repairs you may have, you may want to consider other options. One option is to have certain parts on hand for quick replacement and repairs when getting to the service department will take too much time and cause downtime on the worksite. Here are some of the ISRI parts to consider keeping on hand.

Mounting Brackets

One of the first things you want to make sure you have on hand for backup ISRI parts are mounting brackets. Ideally you want to have enough to handle remounting of at least one full truck or mining car set of seats. There are several reasons to keep these on hand. The first, and main reason, is because of the constant strain that mounting brackets and bolts are put under. Keep in mind you not only have several people in and out of the trucks and seats all day, you also have rough terrain on the worksite that can jar the seats and mounting brackets. This can wear them down and cause threading and security to break down over time. Having mounting brackets on hand means you can replace the broken or worn out ISRI parts without extended downtime and servicing costs.


Most of the cars and trucks you will be using on the worksite will have restraints of some kind. Though lap and chest restraints, like seatbelts, are standard other restraints are also part of the vehicles. For example, you may have a mining truck that uses head restraints. These restraints can wear down quickly. If they become unsafe, you likely will have to have the replaced in order to cut down on liability issues from injury on the worksite. Instead of taking the time to send the truck to a service department, you can have the replacement restraints on hand so a skilled member of your team can replace them, making the vehicle safe for operation again.

Replacement Seats

When you are considering ISRI parts to keep in hand, you may actually start to think about what pieces are harder to replace or make take more time to replace. One of the items  that will likely be on your list are the seats for the cars and trucks on your worksite. If the seat is damaged, it could cause a liability issue or injury. These can be costly, shut down worksites, and cause costly issues with insurance on the site. Keeping at least a few replacement seats on hand will help reduce these issues and make sure you can replace a seat quickly.

These are just three of the ISRI parts you may want to consider having on hand. If you have special equipment that uses ISRI seats or parts, make sure the parts are easy to obtain. If they aren't, make sure you have a list of those hard to find items and get a few of them on hand to ensure you have them when you need them.