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What a Homeowner Needs to Know About Demolishing a Home

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Demolishing a home can be more challenging than you may realise, but a homeowner should learn about all the steps involved and what to expect from a demolition contractor if they're planning on having their house torn down. This will ensure that nothing is overlooked and the work proceeds as you expect. Note a few things you should know about a home demolition so you can prepare ahead of time and can ensure the work gets done according to your plans.

1. Know what tests are needed beforehand 

You may need to have your home tested for a variety of substances before it can be demolished, and this usually depends on your area, the age of the home, and the like. Very often a home will need to be tested for asbestos and lead paint if it was built when these substances were common. If either are found in the home, they may need to be removed separately before the home can be torn down.

2. Know the extent of the demolition for which you're paying

Most demolition companies have "down to the dirt" demolition, meaning that they tear down the house and then also remove the demolition debris, leaving you with a slab on which you can build a new home. If you're changing the footprint or layout of your home or are planning basement renovations before you rebuild, you will need something more than down to the dirt demolition. Basement excavation and additional grading are often charged and performed separately than standard home demolition, so don't assume that your foundation will be torn up or the land will be graded and leveled once the demolition is over. Always ask about these services and know that they will be included in the work if you need them done.

3. Not all demolition contractors recycle materials

It's easy to assume that a demolition contractor would want to go through the debris of a demolition and pick through anything that can be recycled, but this can be very laborious and time-consuming. If you're worried about keeping items out of landfills, you may want to remove any recyclable materials yourself before the demolition begins or call a separate company that specializes in stripping a house of such materials. Some demolition companies might not go through debris and remove recyclable materials themselves but may allow salvage companies to do this before they clear away the rubble. Consider your options for removing recyclable materials before you have your home demolished so you can make whatever plans are necessary for this to be done.

For more information and options, talk with your demolition team or other local demolition companies in the area, like Roach Demolition & Excavations