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When to Hire a Crane

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Cranes are powerful machines used for lifting, lowering and moving heavy or bulky loads at construction sites. However, their main disadvantage is that they are an expensive investment for many construction companies. The good news is you don't have to buy a crane to use one.

The crane hire option is generally much cheaper than buying the crane you need for your job. Below are some situations when a crane rental is a viable option.

When There Is a Need to Use a Crane for a Single Project

Need to use a crane for a single project? 

If you don't see yourself using a crane after completion of the project, buying a crane isn't a financially prudent move. Even the smallest cranes are expensive to buy, so owning a machine that you won't need to use again is uneconomical. 

With the crane hire option, you can get the best machine for your specific needs at only a fraction of the cost to own the machine. This is a great way to make the most out of the limited funds available to you.

When a Fast Solution to Unexpected Downtime Is Needed

Contrary to what you may think, crane hire isn't just for construction contractors that can't afford to purchase their own cranes. Established contractors with their own fleet of cranes can also hire cranes to resolve downtime resulting from sudden failures of their machines. 

Instead of waiting until your broken-down machines are fixed in order to resume operations, you can get the machines you need for your job delivered to your worksites to restore normal operations. This helps to minimise project delays.

When There Is a Need to Use Multiple Cranes for Different Jobs

From truck-mounted cranes and crawler cranes to tower cranes and overhead cranes, there are many different types of cranes available on the construction market. If you have a need to use different types of cranes for different projects, buying the right machine for each project can be cost-prohibitive. 

Crane hire companies offer a wide range of cranes so you don't have to incur the huge investment required to buy all the cranes you will need for your jobs.

There are situations when it makes sense to hire a crane for your needs and other situations when it is better to buy it. Talk to a crane rental company like Harley Cranes Pty Ltd to discuss your options.