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Advanced Features of Mobile Cranes that will Benefit the Construction Industry

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With the rising need for more complex infrastructure in smaller sized spaces, mobile cranes come in handy for accessing tough to reach areas. The rising population within urban areas of Australia has led to structures being constructed in smaller working areas with limited maneuverability. Regular cranes that would typically consume a lot of space are slowly being replaced with more convenient mobile cranes.

To increase the efficiency with which these cranes operate, advanced features are being incorporated by manufacturers to increase their usability across multiple construction sites in the country.  This piece will explore some of these unique and futuristic features.

  1. Increased accessibility

As construction companies and project owners attempt to make maximum use of scarce land, they are faced with the challenge of constructing structures in tight spaces such as river banks, hillsides, or adjacent to roads and bridges. These construction projects can be difficult and sometimes impossible to complete with regular cranes.

Luckily, mobile cranes are now being designed to with the ability to access tight spaces. They come in highly compact dimensions that don't compromise on their functionality. Most mobile cranes are fitted on the back of trucks that can easily move around the construction site and give workers greater flexibility when accessing different core areas of the structure.

  1. Digital monitoring systems

Similar to other machines, mobile cranes require regular maintenance. To prevent equipment downtime on the construction site, modern cranes are now being equipped with sensors that can monitor critical functions of the mobile cranes from time to time.

For example, hydraulic features, tire pressure, and the functioning of joints and other components can be remotely monitored for any potential issues. In this way, equipment problems can be identified in advance and maintenance can be carried out in a timely fashion.

This feature comes in handy when using hired cranes because the hiring company is more likely to provide you with reliable equipment for your specific functions.

  1. Faster setup times

Mobile modern cranes are now faster and easier to set up. They come with additional automated functions that make them open or close with the push of a button.

Previous manual processes such as pulling levers and fastening joints are now automated, allowing workers to set up and use the crane in a relatively short amount of time.

  1. Advanced safety features

Mobile cranes are now safer to use than ever before. Just because they access tight spaces doesn't mean they compromise on safety. It begins with better maintenance of the machines, use of more durable components, and higher operational capacities. 

Advanced manufacturing processes also include better safety features such as height monitoring and emergency equipment being present on the crane.