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Advantages Of An EWP License

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Working on a construction site involves the use of elevated work platforms commonly referred to as EWP. These platforms are also used elsewhere where it is very important to be able to access areas that are high up such as a warehouse. There are certain requirements that must be met before using elevated work platforms. After meeting the required minimum requirements, an EWP license is given to show that the worker can handle working using elevated work platforms. The following are some of the advantages of obtaining an EWP license. They include safety, hazard identification, and before and after start inspections.

  1. Safety – Elevated work platforms must be safe to use as they may prove to be fatal in case anything goes wrong. It is very important to be able to understand the risks revolving around EWP such as braking and stability. Workers with an EWP license should also be able to safeguard the safety of colleagues as well and this is done through effective communication. The knowledge on how to operate EWP effectively also ensures that safety is guaranteed.
  2. Hazard identification - The area that the EWP is going to be used must also be investigated thoroughly before embarking on any work. An EWP license enables one to be able to establish whether a specific location is good before using EWP. The weight of what is to be carried must be measured to ensure that the platform can handle it. It is also very important to identify cars or people within the area. The weather should also be favourable enough for work to commence. If not, the whole process might be at risk. Ventilation is also key in the place where the EWP is set up.
  3. Before and after start inspections – An EWP license enables one to investigate the EWP before commencing work to ensure that it is still functional and there is no damage to the equipment. One should be able to check the log book to ensure that the manufacturer's standards are adhered to and there are no operational defects with the EWP. Each EWP is fitted with a control panel. An EWP license ensures that one is able to fully operate the EWP using the controls. There are also warning devices that send out warnings if the EWP is not working properly. An inspection should be done to ensure that these devices are working properly.