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How to Use an Excavator to Effectively Dig

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An excavator is a type of earthmoving equipment that can be used on most construction sites. It is also a piece of equipment that you can use at your home when you are tackling a project that requires the creation of a large hole. You might be installing a pool or any number of landscaping projects. This is a type of earthmoving equipment that can make the process of digging a large hole much more efficient, but you need to know the proper steps to follow.

Position Equipment

It is important that you do not begin using an excavator until you have placed this equipment in the perfect location. This means that you need to position it within boom reach of the starting point where you want to begin digging. Once you have the excavator in the right location, you can then move the two travel levers in a forward motion. This will enable the equipment to move forward in a straight line. Pulling the lever in a backward motion will result in moving to the right. If you pull both levers backwards, you have the ability to move the excavator in reverse. Getting comfortable with the position of the excavator and the movement of the levers will allow you to dig a hole more quickly.

Bulldoze Blade

There is a bulldozer push control lever that you can use to drop the blade and allow you to begin digging. Make sure that you always push the level until you notice that the blade has lifted the excavator slightly. This will ensure that the excavator is stablised once you begin digging with the blade. If you are still new at using an excavator, it is also recommended that you do not use engine speed at full throttle. This will help you to better maintain stability until you become more familiar with using this type of earthmoving equipment.

Dipper Stick Lever

Once you begin to make contact with the ground, you can use the dipper stick lever to move the bucket at a motion that is forward and inward. The bucket of the excavator will then begin to fill with soil and dirt, which means that you need to curl the lever in order to reduce the amount of soil that spills out. Pulling the main boom lever will enable you to move the bucket out of the ground. You then should move your left joystick to the right or left depending on the direction where you want to dump the soil away from your trench.