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Tips When Loading a Forklift

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A forklift can be used in a variety of different settings in order to efficiently move heavy materials from one location to another. No matter what type of load you are trying to transport, there are loading tips that you can follow that will make the process of loading materials much more efficient, effective and safe.

Load Weight

It is always important that you are aware of any load weight restrictions when you are looking to begin loading materials. The restrictions on load weight are in place to ensure safety and ignoring these ratings will only result in the likely damage of the forklift. It is even possible for the forklift to tip over if the manufacturer warnings on load capacity are not regarded.

Spread Forks Wide

It is also important that when you are operating a forklift to pick up a load of any size that you spread the forks as wide as possible. If you are sure to change the width as wide as possible for every load, you will ensure that the stability is increased as a result. It is also important to make sure that there is an equal distance that exists in relation to the center of the load. Not only do the forks need to be spread wide, but they also should be inserted completely under the load. This is the only way to make sure that the load will not shift or slip.

Stop Completely

Stopping completely before you look to lift a load using a forklift is also recommended. Some operators will try to load while the forklift is still in motion, but this is not ideal practice and often leads to damage or injury. Before any load is raised or lowered, the forklift should always be at a complete stop.

Tilting Load

It is also good practice to get in the habit of slightly tilting loads back. By tilting the load in a backward motion, you have the ability to prevent it from falling forward. It is only needed that you tilt the load back slightly. If you tilt back at too sharp of an angle the materials may fall onto the operator.

Be Aware

Being aware of your surroundings as all times is one of the biggest keys to properly loading a forklift. You need to know how close you are to objects in all directions and what equipment is at risk if a load does happen to fall. Evaluating your surroundings is the first thing that you should do when loading a forklift properly. 

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