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Heavy Vehicle Licenses Exemptions You May Find Useful

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In different states, heavy vehicle licenses are issued under different categories. Each category has different minimal conditional requirements that you will need to pass before acquiring the license. Heavy vehicle licenses are required for drivers driving vehicles exceeding certain weights. In many jurisdictions, this is usually 4.5 tonnes. This category includes many trucks, buses, trailer pullers and even farm vehicles. Broadly, these fall into the Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) class of heavy vehicle licenses.

If you are applying for high risk licenses, the following channels provide a better alternative to the long official process. It must be noted, however, that these channels may not exist in every state. The channels should be officially recognized and simply provide a way for you or your employees to continue operating the heavy vehicle machinery during a certain period.

Restricted license to immediate family

For families in the business of large-scale agricultural production, you can apply for exemptions from the minimum driving experience duration. In many states, they consider the immediate family members only. This exemption allows the family member to acquire a restricted license under the family name. With this license, the family member is allowed to drive an HR- or HC-categorized vehicle. The family member needs to be over eighteen years and holding a Class C drivers license. The primary producer details, details of the farm produce, location and nature of the vehicle in the HR or HC category will also be required. Once applied, the family member will then have to pass a practical driving assessment test in this HR or HC class vehicle. On passing the test, the family member is then issued with a restricted heavy vehicle license in either of these two categories.

Restricted license to workers

An exemption is often issued to workers of farms and large companies. The consideration here is that the workers may be required to drive produce and product from one location to the next. For instance, farm workers may be required to drive produce to silos, or cattle to a market. Such restricted licenses are offered through the intervention of a farm manager or company executive. The heavy vehicle licenses issued are in both classes HR and HC but don't require the driver to have the minimum driving requirements in these classes. The workers must, however, be above eighteen years of age and holders of Class C licenses. The employers must vouch for the employee and his credentials through signed statements. Once the papers are presented, a practical driving test is also done before issuing the employee with a restricted license.

In both family member and employee cases, the restricted license can be upgraded to an unrestricted HR or HC license after certain duration.

For more information, contact a professional licence training company, such as All Onsite Training and Assessment, and ask about any other requirements for getting an HR or HC class licence.